backstand idlersBackstand Idlers

We reconditioning, service and repair Backstand idlers.

Feed Rollers

We manufacture, re-rubber and or re-dress feed rollers

Contact Wheels

Even though we stock a large range of ready to go contact wheels we also make them to order to suit your needs. Please call or email with your specific requirements.

Tapered Spindles

We manufacture and or re-dress tapered spindles to suit your requirements.


We stock a large range of abrasive and polishing materials including:

  • Belts
  • Disc's
  • Wheels
  • Mops
  • Compounds
  • Slip cloth
Mechanically Expanding Mandrels
Diameter x Length x Shaft Dia Mechanically Expanding Mandrels
½" x ½" x ¼"
½" x ¾" x ¼"
¾" x ¾" x ¼"
¾" x 1" x ¼"
1" x 1" x ¼"
1½" x 1" x ¼"
2" x 1" x ¼"

Replacement rubbers can be purchased separately